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Use compressed air in your manufacturing and production process? Arrow Max Compressor & Pumps are the Bay Area’s compressed air specialists.  

We work with various clients to design, support and maintain their compressed air systems, vacuum pumps & air dryers.

Whether you are looking to design a new compressed air system at your manufacturing facility, or your systems need service or repair, we are the compressed air company you should contact. We will help you determine the right compressor and sizing for your specific requirements.

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Air Compressors for Manufacturing

Numerous everyday procedures in the manufacturing business require the utilization of compressed air. From pumping systems, processing, handling & equipment maintenance, compressed air is in high demand in most manufacturing & production facilities.

In plastic manufacturing, compressed air is used to power mold presses and tools, clamping, forming and injection molding.

For medical fabrication production, compressed air is used to power assembly stations and tools, for controls and actuators, in injection molding, and spraying.

For food and beverage production, compressed air systems are used to clean packaging, conveying, controls and actuators, bottling, and more.

For many manufacturing companies, compressed air is an essential utility and business cannot proceed without it.

Oil-Free Compressors for Class 0 Air

Depending on what is being manufactured, certain standards for clean air must be met.

For example, for food & beverage and pharmaceutical production, air must meet Class 0 requirements, and be completely free of any oil contamination. Therefore, an oil-free compressor would be required.

As official distributors for Atlas Copco, we have access to numerous 100% oil-free air compressors that are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified.

Selecting the right oil free compressor can help lower maintenance & operating costs, call Arrow Max today at 510.828.7555 or email us for air compressor sales or repair.