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Arrow Max Compressor & Vacuum Pump provides sales, service & repair of compressed air systems to auto repair shops, auto body, gas stations, and other automotive professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If your compressor is not working and needs to be repaired or replaced, we are the compressed air experts you should call!

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Automotive Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems have a variety of applications in the automotive field, from filling tires to powering tools, assisting with welding, sanding, painting, and more.

If you run an automotive shop, your air compressor can be your best friend, greatly increasing the speed with which you can complete tasks, or your worst enemy if it decides to break down mid-job.

If your Bay Area automotive business is experiencing systems with your automotive air compressor and need repair services, the professionals at Arrow Max can help you troubleshoot the issue so you can get back to business as usual, as soon as possible.

We can be at your Bay Area automotive business within a few hours of your call, and can even provide a temporary air compressor short term or long term rental if the situation calls for it.

Arrow Max is based in Fremont CA, and serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, we have completed automotive compressor repair in San Jose, Oakland, Pleasanton, Dublin, and more.

If you would like to schedule service, just call 510.828.7555 for immediate help or contact us online.

Automotive Air Compressor Maintenance

Having a sturdy and reliable air compressor is a necessity of running a successful automotive shop, and the compressor usually only becomes an issue when it stops working altogether.

Keeping your professional grade automotive air compressor working efficiently requires attention and maintenance at scheduled intervals.

Working with Arrow Max can help you prolong the life of your equipment, maximizing your investment and keeping your shop running smoothly.

Automotive Air Compressor Sales

Picking the right professional grade auto air compressor for your shop depends on a variety of factors.

Sizing is one obvious factor, as is the materials your compressor is made of. Hisorically, auto shops have prefered cast-iron automotive compressors, but aluminum air compressors have recently become more popular.

Cast-iron compressors are known for being durable and heavy duty, but they are also brittle,  susceptible to rust, and heavy, so they are harder to move if that is important to your shop.

Aluminum auto compressors are easier to move, not susceptible to rust, but they do give up some benefit on the durability side of things.

The compressed air professionals at Arrow Max can help you setup a compressed air system for your Bay Area auto repair shop, paint, auto body or automotive shop that will be dependable, and help you keep it working efficiently for many years to come.

Arrow Max has access to some of the best cast iron and aluminum automotive air compressors from companies like Atlas Copco, F.S. Curtis, and more.

To  schedule repair or learn more about working with Arrow Max to service your automotive compressed air needs, please call 510.828.7555 or contact us.