Air Compressor, Vacuum Pump & Dryer Repair, Maintenance & Sales

Arrow Max Compressor & Vacuum Pump provides sales, service & repair of compressed air systems to dental offices & laboratories throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are the company to call if your dental air compressor stops working, needs maintenance , or needs to be replaced.

Whether you need emergency air compressor repair or you are interested in designing a new customized compressed air system for your dental office or building, please call Arrow Max at 510.828.7555 or contact us today.

Dental Compressed Air Systems

Air compressors in a dental practice compresses, cleans, dries, and stores air, which is then used to run various air driven equipment, including handpieces, lab equipment, dental operatory chairs, and more.

Before air reaches your handpiece, many steps have to occur, and various components come into play. Your air compressor will lower the air temperature, remove impurities via an inline filtration system, and remove moisture via a desiccant or membrane dryer.

Needless to say, keeping your compressed air system working safely and efficiently is vital to your dental practice, and your ability to serve patients is severely compromised should it fail to operate properly!

If your Bay Area dental office is experiencing issues with your compressor or vacuum pump, fixing it quickly so you can continue to treat patients is essential.

The professionals at Arrow Max understand the immediacy of the situation, and can be onsite troubleshooting your compressed air, vacuum pump or dryer issue in the San Francisco Bay Area within a few hours of your call.

In addition to emergency dental air compressor repair services, we also provided regular system maintenance , custom system design, air compressor sales, and more.

Don’t waste another minute with a compressor that is not working or not working properly, call Arrow Max for immediate troubleshooting help. We can even provide a temporary air compressor rental to keep your office running while your system is down.

Arrow Max is based in Fremont, and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, from San Jose up to San Rafael, and from San Francisco to the east in Livermore.

If you are further out, we may service your area too, just call 510.828.7555 for immediate help or contact us online.

Dental Air Compressor Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your air compressor is essential to keeping your equipment running efficiently and maximizing it’s life span.  A properly maintained compressor can last 10-15 years, while an overworked compressor can burn out much faster.

Both oil-less and lubricated compressors are used in the dentistry field, each requiring specific maintenance programs.

Arrow Max provides regular maintenance services to help you make the most of your system, and keep it running safely for patients, and efficiently for your practice.

Dental Air Compressor Sales, System Design & Installation

Picking the right dental air compressor, vacuum pump and dryer for your office setup depends on a variety of factors. Manufacturers have a variety of options available to meet different budget and office requirements, and talking with a professional about your dental compressed air system is the best first step.

The professionals at Arrow Max can help you design and build a compressed air system for your dental office, dental building or dental laboratory that will meet your needs for years to come.

We have access to some of the best dental air compressors, dental vacuum pumps, and dental air vacuums available from companies like Atlas Copco, F.S. Curtis, and more.

To  schedule repair or learn more about working with Arrow Max to service your dental compressed air needs, please call 510.828.7555 or contact us today.