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Environmental engineering Arrow Max Compressor & Pumps are the Bay Area’s compressed air specialists.  

Over the years, we have worked with compressed air systems in various environmental engineering capacities.

We have worked at water supply & treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, solid waste management, and more.

If your environmental engineering firm or public agency needs air compressor , vacuum pump or air dryer sales, service or repair, Arrow Max is the company in the Bay Area you should call.

We are located in Fremont, and serve the entire Bay Area, from Gilroy in the south to Concord in the North, and from San Francisco to Pleasanton / Livermore, and everywhere in between.

Please call Arrow Max at 510.828.7555 or contact us today.

Air Compressors for Environmental Engineering

Vacuum & compressed air power many environmental engineering processes.

From suction for cleaning wastewater to purification / oxygenation, compressed air systems are a true workhorse in the environmental engineering and water treatment process.

Selecting the right technology for your facility involves a variety of decisions about operating costs, maintenance, noise and more.

The professionals at Arrow Max have access to the best compressed air technology, perfect for environmental engineering.

We can help you weigh the costs and benefits of different setups, and ultimately get you dependable compressed air & vacuum power, where you need it to be.

Compressor Repair for Environmental Engineering

Air compressor stop working? Leaking air leading to a giant increase in energy consumption? Whatever your issue, Arrow Max Compressor can help troubleshoot & repair air compressors, vacuums and dryers.

Compressed air systems keep your facility running smoothly, and when they stop working, or stop working properly, it is important to get things fixed quickly.

We understand the immediacy of the situation, and are here to help remedy the problem, as quickly as possible with air compressor repair.

While other air compressor companies will only work on their models, we service all makes and models, and do it with a 24/7/365 guarantee.

We also provide air compressor rental in cases where a quick fix isn’t possible and parts have to be ordered.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Call Arrow Max Compressor & Pumps to schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance and make sure your environmental engineering compressed air systems and vacuums are working at maximum efficiency.

Please call 510.828.7555 or contact us today.