Air Compressor, Vacuum Pump & Dryer Repair, Maintenance & Sales

Arrow Max Compressor & Vacuum Pump provides air compressor repair and services to various laboratories throughout the Bay Area.

We specialize in helping labs design & maintain custom compressed air systems, including selecting the right equipment, and keeping your air compressor, vacuum pumps & air dryers running efficiently to maximize their lifespan and reduce energy costs.

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Air Compressor for Labs / Laboratories

What makes a good compressor for a laboratory? There are a number of different considerations when designing a compressed air system for a lab.

Lubricated vs. Oil-Less Compressor

Since oil-less compressor typically cost more than lubricated compressors, many labs prefer lubricated for budgetary reasons, if the application will allow it. Of course, all compressor but especially lubricated ones require regular maintenance. to make sure they are operating properly and efficiently.

Pressure Requirements

What makes a good medical compressor does not necessarily make a good compressor for a laboratory environment. Medical air compressors supply 50 psi, where laboratory equipment will often need more.

Custom Compressed Air System Design

Arrow Max Compressor and Pumps specializes in complete system design and installation for labs. We can help you go from planning to completion to help you meet your needs.

We can help you select from many different compressor and compressed air applications, including:

  • Rotary Screw Compressors – Variable & Fixed
  • Oil Free & Lubricated
  • Up to 145 psi
  • Dryer Dew Point (depending on your lab requirements)
  • Reciprocating

Maximizing Air Compressor Efficiency

New technology and regular maintenance have presented a number of opportunities  to improve system efficiency, including:

  • Purchasing new compressors
  • Refrigerated dryers
  • Additional storage
  • Enhanced controls
  • Piping improvements & Leak repair

Interested in discussing air compressor sales, service or repair for your medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, college or industrial laboratory?

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